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With world class strategic consulting and networking management experience, Vlinks has a serious track record for creating shareholder value through higher cash flow, increased operational performance and realized savings.


Vlinks provides solutions to assist the clients with the continually-changing IT environments

We help clients:

We strive to give success to every client by using our various methodology services such as, fiber channel SAN EMC, Hitachi, HP, IBM, 3 PAR, NAS products NetApp, VNX support and data migration.

VNX Support

It is a high-performing unified storage with unsurpassed simplicity and efficiency, optimized for virtual applications. With VNX, you will get new levels of performance, protection, compliance and ease of management.

SAN EMC Solutions

Vlinks Solutions is an industry leader in implementing Storage Area Network (SAN) solutions. Through our SAN EMC services, we help our clients to enhance the efficiency in their data storage infrastructure. We have a team of certified professionals who can provide deep industry expertise surrounding all the leading networked storage technologies including EMC.

Our SAN professionals work closely with each client to thoroughly evaluate your SAN environment as well as increase availability. We review your SAN thoroughly for supportability. Also we provide you all the configuration details as well as topology map to assist in fault isolation.

Data migration

Vlinks solutions for data migration optimize and streamline data migration process through a combination of methodology, technology, and services. It consists of open, comprehensive and unified data integration tools to facilitate data migration. Benefits of Vlinks Data Migration technology:

  • It minimizes common issues through cleansing data before migration.
  • It reduces the risk by depending on the proven data migration methodology, technology and services.
  • It accelerates data migration projects simply by decreasing the time period spent on data extract-transform-load (ETL)
  • It lowers the cost of data migration projects.

3PAR Storage

We use 3PAR storage to fulfill the demands of the modern data center. 3PAR storage provides the agility and efficiency required by the most demanding virtual, cloud and IT-as-a-service environments. Here are the benefits of Vlinks 3PAR Storage system:

  • Highly efficient – It reduces acquisition and operational costs as much as possible.
  • Multi-tenant and Federated – It manages irregular workloads.
  • Autonomic – It saves lot of administrator time.

NetApp NAS Solutions

NetApp NAS Solutions help to solve your data management challenges of availability and scalability. Here are the benefits of NetApp NAS Solutions:

  • It can cut costs, with consolidation, higher utilization as well as reduced downtime.
  • It can reduce the administrative overhead through offering reliable and scalable file storage.


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